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Transplant Pharmacy Services

Receiving a solid organ transplant is a life changing event. Many patients face new challenges after a transplant such as taking multiple medications throughout the day.

UC San Diego Health System recognizes those challenges and would like to help you improve the life of your organ. The Pharmacy department is committed to doing the following:

  • Help you understand the purpose, dose and side effects of each medication
  • Review your complex medication profile for drug interactions
  • Assist your physician in adjusting the dosages of your medications depending on your kidney or liver function
  • Assist you in finding ways to organize your medications
  • Facilitate your insurance related concerns for medications
  • Work with you on home monitoring of blood pressure and diabetes

Services We Provide

  • Access to your transplant pharmacist during your clinic appointment for questions or medication counseling.
  • Up to date list of medications provided at each visit.
  • Clinic processing of prescriptions to minimize wait time in pharmacy.
  • Mail order delivery of non-urgent medications.
  • Online or telephone refill system.
  • Telephone follow-up calls from your transplant pharmacist.
  • Group classes on your transplant medications.
  • One-on-one teaching for blood sugar and blood pressure monitors.
  • Medication box provided for each patient.
  • Dedicated reimbursement specialists to assist with insurance related issues for your medications.

Transplant Pharmacy Team

Transplant Pharmacist Specialists

  • Linda Awdishu, BScPhm
  • Ashley Feist, PharmD
  • Michael Misel, PharmD
  • Janice Kerr, PharmD 

Ambulatory Care

  • Gary Hagney, RPh
  • Jason Bailly, PharmD
  • Nilu Siyar, PharmD

Reimbursement Specialist

  • Panhia Vang