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About Our Midwives

A certified nurse-midwife (CNM) is an advanced nurse practitioner who specializes in pregnancy, birth and postpartum care for healthy, low-risk women and their infants.

The midwives at UC San Diego Health System are dedicated to providing personal, one-on-one attention to ensure the birth experience you desire. They believe that birth is a natural and normal process and encourage you to have control over your experience. In addition to supporting you through your pregnancy and birth, our midwives also offer well-woman care and family planning.

Our midwives have delivered over 12,000 babies and handle one-third of all births at UC San Diego. Meet the team.

Accredited and Certified CNMs

All of UC San Diego's CNMs are registered nurses and have graduated from a master's-level, specialized nurse-midwifery program. They are accredited by the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM), have passed a national certification exam, and have met strict requirements set by state health agencies.

Personal and Professional Care

Our midwives work in collaboration with physicians and perinatal specialists to ensure a high level of safety during pregnancy, labor and delivery. They believe in emphasizing education and involving you in your own care. Most importantly, they encourage family involvement and fully respect your privacy and your decisions.

Respecting Your Birth Choices

If you choose to receive prenatal care from a midwife, you can deliver your baby in our traditional Labor & Delivery rooms, with an epidural if desired, or in our in-hospital Birth Center, which offers a natural childbirth experience with minimal medical intervention.

Free Event: Meet the Midwives

Meet the Midwives

Bring your questions and learn more about the Nurse Midwifery Service at this informal event.

You can also register to tour the Birth Center and Labor and Delivery suites before or after the event.