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ALS Clinical Trials

ALS Clinical Research at UC San Diego

UC San Diego is a worldwide leader in clinical research in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Led by John Ravits, MD, our team is committed to translating basic science discoveries in ALS into treatment.

ALS Clinical Trials: What to Expect

  1. You do not need to be a patient at UC San Diego Health System in order to participate in our clinical trials.
  2. It does not cost anything to participate.
  3. Clinical trials are conducted under the supervision of a UC San Diego neurologist.
  4. When participating in clinical trials, ALS study participants receive regular medical checkups. These checkups do not replace your appointments with your regular doctor.
  5. Enrollment in each trial is limited.
  6. You may halt your participation at any time for any reason.

At any time, numerous clinical research projects may be underway at UC San Diego that you may qualify for. See Clinical Trials Search for UC San Diego.

Clinical Trials in ALS at UC San Diego

Contact ALS Clinical Trials

Aaryn Belfer
Senior Clinical Research Coordinator

ALS Patient Interview

You do not need to be a patient of the ALS Clinic to participate in clinical research at UC San Diego.

Aaryn Belfer is a senior clinical research coordinator for the ALS Clinical Research Program UC San Diego. Aaryn has extensive experience in all aspects of Phase II-IV clinical trials and possesses in-depth knowledge of clinical research methodology. She has worked with varying populations from teens with high-risk behaviors, to post-menopausal women. While she values all populations with whom she’s come in contact, her work with ALS patients is a highlight in her career. Aaryn serves as a liaison between UC San Diego and various sponsors and their partners, clinical research organizations, and the UC San Diego Human Research Protection Program. She ensures that research-related activities are performed in accordance with all regulatory policies and procedures. Her favorite part of the job remains interacting and building relationships with participants.

Her favorite part of her non-working hours is spending time goofing around with her husband, daughter, and dog Ella. In her spare time, she is a freelance writer, hobbyist photographer, globe trotter and practitioner of yoga. She cooks a mean chicken piccata and her oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are the stuff of office legend.


Ivy Chippendale
Research Associate

Ivy Chippendale is a research associate with the ALS Clinical Research Program at UC San Diego. She assists with the administration, organization, and the running of various clinical trials. A non-traditional pre-med with a background in medical anthropology, Ivy graduated from Connecticut College in 2009. Since then, she worked with several organizations including the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights at the Harvard School of Public Health, and the non-profit Care for the Homeless in New York City. Ivy also spent one year doing research as a Fulbright Scholar in Italy. Most recently, Ivy was a part of the clinical research team at the Department of Plastic Surgery and Reconstruction at Johns Hopkins University and she volunteered at a community clinic in Baltimore.

A San Diego native, Ivy has lived and worked in New London, New York, Boston, Baltimore, as well as Siena and Palermo, Italy, before finding her way back to the beaches of Encinitas. Although she gave running a shot, she prefers marathons of the movie variety and loves to cook pasta with her husband and go on long walks with their dog, Scout.