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Apheresis Program

UC San Diego Health System has one of the largest therapeutic apheresis programs in the United States. Directed by David Ward, MD, an international leader in the field, the Apheresis Program is dedicated to the highest level of patient care.

UC San Diego Health System offers:

Did you know?

UC San Diego Health System offers photopheresis and LDL apheresis. We are the only health system in the region offering these services. Learn more!

Apheresis is a medical procedure that involves passing a person's blood through a device that separates out a component of the blood from its other parts and returns the remainder of the blood into circulation.

There are two settings for when apheresis is performed. Therapeutic apheresis is used for the treatment of patients with illness. UC San Diego Health System operates a therapeutic Apheresis Program. The other setting is in healthy individuals, apheresis is used to obtain specific blood products for transfusion to those in need. For more information on blood donation, visit the San Diego Blood Bank.

Therapeutic Apheresis Treatment Types Available at UC San Diego Health System

bullet Plasmapheresis

bullet Photopheresis

bullet LDL Apheresis

bullet Red Cell Exchange Apheresis

bullet White Cell Reduction Apheresis

bullet Platelet Reduction Apheresis

bullet Hematopoietic Stem Cell Harvest Apheresis

Learn more about each of the apheresis treatment types at the links above. For information on scheduling an appointment, see Patient Resources.