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licking dog
Research shows you and your dog are inhabited by similar microbes. Now you can both participate in scientific studies to help UC San Diego researchers learn more about how living with a dog affects human health.
We need sodium to function but too much can be a bad thing. Americans consume too much salt due to a diet heavy in processed foods. To help with reducing your daily sodium intake, here are three less salty recipes to savor.
The foods we eat and the drugs and supplements we take can interact with each other. Anyone who takes multiple drugs should review their medication regimen with a pharmacist and doctor to avoid harmful drug interactions.
Skin can take a beating as it works to keep you whole and healthy. Not least of these dangers is sunlight and the risk of skin cancer, most notably melanoma. Pick up some safety tips for the sunny months ahead.
grimacing bust
Constipation is a serious health problem that won't go away. Too little dietary fiber is the main culprit but here are 13 other causes.
If your lack of sleep is keeping you awake, there’s good reason to be concerned. Maladies ranging from high blood pressure to diabetes have been linked to too few ZZZZs. UC San Diego’s Sleep Medicine Center is here to help.
corner clinic
I sit a lot at work – should I get a standing desk? I get leg cramps -- should I worry about pulmonary embolism? What can I do about dry eyes? Our experts answer your health questions in this month’s Corner Clinic.
pathology microscope
The first step in battling cancer is getting the right diagnosis. Jacobs Medical Center, opening in 2016, will feature the latest advances in pathology services to help ensure the most accurate diagnosis.
broken heart
A 73-year-old man whose pacemaker leads had been errantly placed on the wrong side of the heart became the subject of a first-ever procedure by UC San Diego Health System heart experts.
Shah and Ikeda
UC San Diego Health System is honoring and celebrating its physicians on National Doctor’s Day and is announcing its 2015 Physician of the Year, Tyson Ikeda, MD, and House Officer of the Year, Kevin Shah, MD.
The Riegers
John and Mary Rieger, participants in the UC San Diego Weight Management program, are vibrant proof of the health benefits of significant weight loss. The program emphasizes maintenance as strongly as losing those extra pounds.
Precision Medicine
President Obama recently announced a multi-million-dollar initiative and talked about a future in which patients get “the right treatments at the right time, every time.” At UC San Diego Health System, the future has arrived.
Future eye
Time may blur, but the first quarter-century of the newly renamed Shiley Eye Institute – it celebrates that anniversary this year – remains sharply defined in its accomplishments and its focus on the future.
Surgery Suite
Surgeries at the new Jacobs Medical Center will have a bold, new look – a high-tech suite of operating rooms with real-time, advanced imaging technologies that are “a patient’s and surgeon’s dream.”
April is Autism Awareness Month. The disorder affects 1 in 68 children. There is no cure but early detection and treatment can dramatically improve lives. Here are 22 early warning signs.
Antoni Duleba
Polycystic ovary syndrome may be an unfamiliar name, but the condition – a hormonal imbalance – affects more than 5 million American women, resulting in a range of minor to major symptoms and consequences.
Olive oil
For decades, we’ve been told to reduce fat consumption as its bad for the heart. Newly proposed federal dietary guidelines underscore that all fats aren’t created equal and are necessary to good health. They’re tasty, too!
Corner Clinic
What are some signs of head and neck cancers? Should I go on statins if I have borderline high cholesterol? What are the pros and cons of fetal testing? Our experts answer your health questions in this month’s Corner Clinic.
Meds and weight gain
Prescription medications are designed to remedy a diagnosed illness or condition but a side effect of many can be unwanted weight gain, adding pounds and problems. Learn more about drugs that can sabotage your waistline.
Rogert Knott
Roger Knott, a former Navy ship driver and volunteer on the USS Midway Museum, received a heart transplant on New Year’s Eve. It was the 54th heart transplant performed at UC San Diego Health System since 2010.
ICD illustration
Study finds that patients undergoing a first-time implantable cardoverter-defibrillator (ICD) procedure in the afternoon or evening or on weekends or holidays were more likely to experience adverse events.
elderly hands with pills
As we age, medications affect us differently – prescription and over the counter. Some drugs become less effective while others become riskier. We talk to an expert to find out what to be aware of as we get older.
Calcium is critical for strong teeth and bones and a healthy brain. Dairy products are the most common source of calcium but you can find it in variety of foods for a diverse, delicious, calcium-rich diet.
male bio clock
Male sexual health is more complicated than those commercials on TV suggest. There are issues about cardiovascular disease, fertility, reversible treatments, supplements and something called “manopause.” Our expert explains.
Corner Clinic
What’s the proper way to use an asthma inhaler? Can you treat incontinence with physical therapy? Who should get a shingles vaccine? Our experts answer your health questions in this month’s Corner Clinic.
Reisch Family
Quick action by first responders and care at UC San Diego Health System's comprehensive stroke center saved Stefan Reisch's life after he suffered a stroke while driving.
Health apps
Tis’ the season of resolutions but let’s face it, most well-intentioned resolutions collapse exhausted, sweaty and famished just weeks into that new gym membership. Help is at your fingertips with these free fitness apps.
Alexandra Schwartz
Of people over age 65 who fall and fracture a hip, 25 percent die within one year of their injuries. We asked Dr. Alexandra Schwartz to help us get to the bottom of this statistic and teach us how to prevent falls.
human blood SEM
When UC San Diego Jacobs Medical Center opens in 2016, blood and marrow transplant patients will have rooms with panoramic views and leading-edge treatments such as stem cell-directed clinical translational research.
Anna Kulidjian
UC San Diego Health System surgeons removed a large tumor from a man’s leg without using blood transfusions. More than half the patient’s blood was drained from the growth and recirculated into his body during the surgery.
Exceptional health care goes beyond the professional expertise of doctors and staff. It often includes the care of volunteers who run lab errands, provide music therapy or offer a sympathetic ear or a bit of advice.
fruits and vegetables
Vitamin B plays a big role in our overall well-being and the good news is that it’s readily available in the foods we eat every day. Learn more about vitamin B and get some recipe ideas fit for the holidays or any day!
Dilip Jeste
A Q&A with our expert on aging on how older persons can cope with psychological issues arising during holiday season.
walking shoes
Fourteen reasons why walking is good for you and why you should walk more.
nursing baby
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends six months of exclusive breastfeeding for all infants. But should a woman breastfeed if she is taking over the counter or prescription medications?
Osteoporotic bone
While osteoporosis is more common in women, older men are equally at risk. And now that many more men are living into their 70s and beyond, osteoporosis is a growing men’s health issue.
Corner Clinic
I’ve got benign prostatic hyperplasia. Should I be worried? Is there any such thing as a superfood? Is bed rest good for back pain? Our experts answer your health questions in this month’s Corner Clinic.
William Sandborn
In an effort to better understand inflammatory bowel disease and develop new, more effective treatments, UC San Diego Health System opened an IBD biobank to collect patient samples and further scientific research.
Questions for your doctor
Do you make the most of your time with your doctor? Whether you see your doctor once a year during your annual check-up or more often to manage a chronic conidtion, it's a question you might want to ask yourself.
Food Day
UC San Diego Health System recently celebrated Food Day by serving antibiotic-free beef and poultry as part of a national effort to raise awareness of antibiotic-resistant infections linked to the food we eat.
Kidney donation
Dysfunctional kidneys meant that San Diego police dispatcher Jeff Monis was regularly leashed to a dialysis machine until out of the blue a fellow officer made him an extraordinary offer that changed his life.
Clarke Family
The smallest baby born at UC San Diego Health System turns one and reaches big milestones. Born 11 ounces, Alexis Clarke spent eight months in the NICU. Now, she is 14 pounds, walking and showing off new teeth.
corner clinic graphic
Should I take a daily aspirin to reduce my risk of heart attack? How do I help my elderly parents avoid falling? What is emotional eating? Our experts answer your health questions in this month’s Corner Clinic.
Cayenne Pepper
There's more to eating healthy than just eating healthy. Frankly, that can be pretty boring. Studies suggest that adding spices like chili peppers, turmeric and cinnamon may help good food be good for you in unexpected ways.
Age, weight, gender and ethnicity can influence who gets what type of prescription medication – and how much. There’s another factor, too: your DNA has a big say in whether a particular drug will work for you.
Thomas Moore
Pregnancy means thinking about due dates, names and high blood sugar levels. Gestational diabetes is usually temporary but without effective management it can have life-changing consequences for both mother and baby.
glazed doughnut
Talk about a double-whopper: We eat too much and we tend to eat too much of the stuff we should hardly be eating at all. A government diet advisory committee recently came out with a list of our mostly forbidden favorites.
What does it mean when a hospital is “most wired?” It means critical patient information, including electronic medical records, can be transported, read and acted upon faster, more safely and with better health outcomes.
Cancer Care (stock)
UC San Diego Health System is expanding its services in North County, South Bay and East County to bring the best of academic medicine to communities throughout the greater San Diego region.
gut microbiome
Ever have that feeling you're not alone? You're not. Trillions of microbes reside within your intestinal tract, for good and ill. UC San Diego scientists and physicians are discovering new ways to emphasize the former and prevent the latter.
Carrot Vision
Experts say eat vegetables, drink milk and have an apple with that tuna fish sandwich. It’s good advice to hear, see, taste, touch and smell.
Corner Clinic
In this month's Corner Clinic, UC San Diego Health System experts answer questions about the best way to breathe, the healthiest way to grill, and how to treat burns.
Corn on the grill
You can smell it in the air: It's the season of the backyard barbeque. But there are some health concerns. Here are some recipes that capture the thrill of the grill with less chance of the ill.
Medicine cabinet
Drugs have a shelf life. Make that, a health life. They decay, lose potency, sometimes even cause new problems when they get too old. Learn how to spot a drug gone bad and what to do about it.
Joseph Vinetz
Vacations abroad are not suppoesd to be trips the hospital. Find out how to travel safely and healthfully, including tips on vaccinations and packing your medications from our travel medicine expert.
Mom and baby
While an increasing number of women are delaying motherhood until their late-30s and 40s, human biology keeps a timetable. Fertility specialists at UC San Diego Health System employ the latest technologies and procedures to help women conceive.
As part of UC San Diego Health System’s Interpreter Services, patients have access to MARTTI, a HIPPA-approved, two-way video and audio wireless connection to a skilled, certified medical interpreter.
After a mother of two was in horrific pain, lost her sense of taste and her hair started falling out, she was referred to UC San Diego Health System and diagnosed with a rare disease called Cronkhite-Canada Syndrome (CCS).
colorful peppers
Skin care during the summer means more than just sunscreen and moisturizers. Eating right helps too, which means getting plenty of vitamin A. Here are some tasty ways to help your skin this summer.
baby gorilla
Dawn Reeves, MD, has helped with the care of a lot of newborns but none like the 4.6 pound girl gorilla who arrived via emergency caesarean section at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in March.
DNA graphic
More women are waiting longer to become first time mothers which may mean a chat with a genetic counselor. New, non-invasive tests are available to help reduce family-planning stress.
knee replacement
Each year, millions of Americans visit their doctors with sports- or activity-related joint injuries, most commonly to the knee or shoulder. We ask Dr. Christopher Wahl to diagnose the current situation.
Are consumers compromising quality and safety if they choose generic over brand name drugs? Why it's OK to go generic - and when you shouldn't.
color chart
It's a good thing to mind your pees with Qs, as in what color is it? The odor, consitency and color of your urine can be indicators of well being.
corner clinic
In this month's corner clinic feature, UC San Diego Health System experts tackle questions about tiredness, ear wax and urinary incontinence.
UC San Diego Cardiovascular Center recently implanted a new cardiac monitoring device in a patient that's the size of a paperclip and allows physicians to wirelessly monitor a patient's heart for abnormal cardiac rhythms for up to three years.
brain cells
Combining a common cholesterol-lowering drug with an existing chemotherapy treatment may offer a glimmer of hope for a grim form of brain cancer known as glioblastoma.
Why grapefruit isn't a great fruit if you're taking certain medications. A primer on drug interactions with food, drinks, supplements and other drugs.
NOTES surgical team
Minimally invasive surgery involves fewer and shorter incisions, which can mean less pain, shorter hospital stays and reduced scarring.
corner clinic
Experts answer whether exercise makes you smarter, should you worry about fluctuating blood pressure and can you lower cholesterol with diet alone.
quinoa cucumber salad
Whole grains are the latest buzz in healthy eating. Here's a look at some popular grains, including some that are just coming to their own, with three recipes to help you incorporate them into your everyday diet.
chest pain
Listen to your body: sometimes it's trying to tell you something is wrong. Here are 10 symptoms you shouldn't ignore.
E-cigarettes and hookahs are popularly perceived to be safer alternatives to traditional tobacco products, but experts are skeptical and worry that we're creating a new public health problem.
Mesa High School team physician, David Bazzo, MD, with the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, has implemented an educational program to teach young athletes and their families about concussions.
Covered California logo
There’s still time to sign up through the state’s health exchange for access to the doctors, staff and services of the UC San Diego Health System, rated the top health system in the San Diego metropolitan area.
corner clinic
Feeling depressed after the holidays? Not sure when to take an antihistamine versus a decongestant? Wondering why your newborn is turning yellow? Our experts are here to help!
sunshine photo
Sunshine and supplements aren't the only ways to get your daily dose of vitamin D – here are tastier options. Here are three recipes that put the "D" in diet.
prescription pills
What determines when a drug can switch from prescription-only to over-the-counter? Many factors go into this decision, from the type of ailment treated to how easy the instructions are to follow.
shared medical appointment
To create a better patient experience for people with chronic disease, UC San Diego Health System has implemented shared medical appointments, a pilot program to increase access to physicians and aid patient education.
Francis Gonzales
Francis Gonzales, MD, with the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, traveled to Guatemala with a team of medical staff from across the nation to perform joint replacements on patients in need of critical care.
Joebert with family
A teenager with dangerously high cholesterol levels receives life-saving treatment to prevent cardiovascular disease through our outpatient therapeutic apheresis program – the only program of its kind in San Diego County.
A mother shares her inspiring story after giving birth to a baby at 25 weeks gestation weighing 11 ounces. She is the smallest born at UC San Diego Health System receiving around-the-clock care in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).
UC San Diego Health System experts offer safety precautions to help parents and guardians make Halloween safe this year.
Bill Griffith
In 2004, broadcast journalist Bill Griffith's doctor discounted a lump on his chest as a benign cyst. A year later, after "firing" his doctor, he underwent a modified radical mastectomy at Moores Cancer Center.
breast cancer ribbon
UC San Diego physicians Wallace and Blair answer questions about several issues surrounding breast cancer, including prevention and treatment, and inflammatory breast cancer, a particularly difficult form of the disease.
We asked some of our newest physicians in the UC San Diego Health System for a tip or two on getting or staying healthy. No secrets here perhaps, but all good reminders. Who knew eating yogurt could be so good for so many?
Diabetes is a public health issue, not just because millions of Americans have been diagnosed with the metabolic disease, but also for the many more millions who either remain undiagnosed or have signs suggesting they will likely become diabetic.
Pregnant woman
During international Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder awareness month, a UC San Diego School of Medicine professor talks about the discovery of the disorder 40 years ago and why prenatal drinking continues to be so dangerous to the developing fetus.
Rae Arnold
Rae Arnold is able to continue her love of traveling and spending time with her grandchildren thanks to several stent implantation procedures performed by the team of experts at UC San Diego Health System’s Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center.
NICU tour
A young boy returns to UC San Diego Health System’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) to reunite with the medical staff who saved his life seven years earlier when he was born weighing a little more than a pound at just 25 weeks gestation.
Sonya Ahmed
Sonya Ahmed, MD, joins UC San Diego Health System as the new chief of the Foot and Ankle Division in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, bringing advanced treatment options and team collaborations that will improve patient care.
Micolino family
From midwifery services and Birth Center to pregnancies with multiples and Caesarean sections, three generations of a local family have received nearly 32 years of health care and experienced seven births at UC San Diego Health System.
Sailing Heals
UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center patients and their caregivers enjoy a moment of peace, exhilaration and recovery during a sialing trip in the waters of the San Diego Bay.
Trauma Bay
UC San Diego Health System has opened a new state-of-the art Level 1 Trauma Center that will improve efficiency and save trauma surgeons about 10 to twenty minutes of resuscitation time per patient.
UC San Diego Health System
If AFSCME goes through with its strike plans all UC San Diego Health System employees would still be allowed to come to work. We encourgage you to do so in service of our patients and our community.
Simon Schenk
Simon Schenk, PhD, is an assistant professor of orthopedic surgery and a core director at the National Skeletal Muscle Research Center sheds some light why we lose muscle mass as we age.
Nancy Kehoe
Nancy Kehoe spent most of nursing school in chronic pain with two severely arthritic hips. Her quality of life improved after receiving two anterior hip replacements at UC San Diego Health System.
Red diamond rattlesnake
Richard Clark, MD, director of the Division of Medical Toxicology at UC San Diego Health System, discusses reasons for increased venom toxicity and gives important information on what to do and what not to do if bitten a rattlesnake.
Amanda Gosman
Plastic surgeon Amanda Gosman coordinated a team of volunteers to travel more than 8,000 to miles Malawi, Africa, to provide much needed surgical and follow up care for patients with cleft lips and palates.
osteoporotic bone
We turned to Deborah Kado, MD, MS and Heather Hofflich, DO to answer questions about the many causes and treatment options for osteoporosis.
Charles Nager
A Q & A with Dr. Charles Nager about pelvic organ prolapse and the choices women have in treating the condition, including surgical and non-surgical options.
Catherine Robertson
The Sports Medicine division at UC San Diego Health System recently founded the first program in the region dedicated to addressing the health and wellness needs of active women.
Arno Mundt
Arno J. Mundt, MD, professor and chair of the UC San Diego School of Medicine’s Department of Radiation Medicine and Applied Sciences, was inaugurated as the president of ACRO at the organization’s 2013 annual meeting held in February.
Karen Mitchell
Dedicated nurses like Karen Elizabeth Mitchell, RN, MSN, CMCN, work to ensure patients have the best experience possible from the time they enter our emergency department to when they leave.
About 15 percent of couples nationwide have trouble conceiving. UC San Diego Health System has fertility specialists focused on and dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of both men and women.
Glen Horn
Glen Horn is back to riding the waves after a mini-posterior hip replacement, performed by Scott Ball, MD at UC San Diego Health System.
Ehtisham Mahmud
We asked Ehtisham Mahmud, MD, a professor of medicine and cardiology and co-director of the UC San Diego Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center for a status report on heart disease and cardiovascular health.
Alan Maisel
For the last decade or so, in emergency rooms throughout the nation and world, doctors have come to rely upon a fast, simple blood test to measure a biomarker called B-type natriuretic peptide or BNP.
Johnston baby
This Thanksgiving season, Sarah Johnston reflects on her journey of becoming a mother for the first time and the unexpected challenges she and her husband faced about four months ago.
Eduardo L. Grunvald, MD, director of the weight management program at the UC San Diego Bariatric and Metabolic Institute, offers some tips to eating healthy during the holiday season.
Lowy with moustache
Men all over the world are putting their best face forward for Moustache November, or “Movember,” a global men’s health campaign to raise awareness of prostate and testicular cancers.
Chirstopher Wahl, MD
UC San Diego Health System’s Department of Orthopedic Surgery is proud to announce that Christopher Wahl, MD, has accepted the position as Chief of Sports Medicine and is now accepting patients at the Perlman Clinic in La Jolla.
“Angels from heaven” is how patients described Dr. Anna Kulidjian and her team after they successfully performed 24 hip replacement surgeries during a trip to the mountainous region of Armenia, a place in desperate need of surgical care.
Coarti Brothers
Brothers Paul and Bill Coari have been sharing wilderness adventures every summer since Bill donated his kidney to his brother more than 10 years ago. But this summer’s journey was a bit more memorable-they hiked to Kidney Lake.
HERE Initiative
HERE, which stands for Health + Education + Research = Empowerment, is a new outreach program designed to benefit communities in South Bay and southeastern San Diego.
Edward Chao, MD
Dr. Edward Chao of UC San Diego Health System is studying whether social media can help recruitment for clinical trials.
Summer safety and prevention tips from our experts in the Division of Trauma, Surgical Care and Burns.
Nathan Golding
Catherine Robertson, MD, assistant clinical professor with the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at UC San Diego School of Medicine helps athlete beat chronic pain with hip surgery.
Scott Lippman, MD
Scott M. Lippman, MD, new director of Moores Cancer Center is at the net, poised and ready to beat his fiercest opponent.
Team Southern California Team 2012
While many athletes will be competing for the gold in London this year, Louise Lerminiaux will be going for the gold later this month in Michigan in the Transplant Games of America Louise will be competing in the 5K, sprints and a relay.
O'Grady Twins
The O'Grady family will celebrate their twins' graduation from the UC San Diego Health System's NICU at the annual Little Grad Picnic in August.
Active Shooter Drill
In connection to the fatal shooting in Aurora, Colorado, University of California, San Diego Health System security and emergency preparedness experts offer safety tips on how to increase your chance of survival in an active shooter event.
Rosa Parks Check
UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center Leaders & Supporters Inspired by Student Donation -Rosa Parks Elementary exceeds $10K goal, motivates others to donate.
Raul Coimbra, MD
Raul Coimbra, MD, PhD, FACS, chief, division of trauma/surgical critical care/burns at UC San Diego Health System, and newly appointed president of the World Trauma Congress, is a longtime champion of changing how we define and treat trauma.
Zumba Class
Researchers at the UC San Diego School of Medicine are evaluating the effectiveness of popular Latin-based exercise Zumba Fitness as part of a new clinical trial.
Ted Chan, MD
Ted Chan, MD, medical director of the emergency department at UC San Diego Health System, was one of 82 representatives recognized by the White House and Health and Human Services (HHS) in Washington, D.C.
Healing Foods
Whether you are recovering from a hospital visit or feeling ill at home, everyday foods found in grocery stores can aid our recovery. The body’s natural response to illness is inflammation, common foods can help calm inflammation.
Kathryn Macaulay, MD, NCMP
Menopause is a natural process that simply means the end of menstruation. Now, women have a place for multidisciplinary care and treatment options through UC San Diego Health System’s Menopause Health Program.
Michael Cohen
Cancer survivor Michael Cohen rode his bicycle across the country this spring to inspire others dealing with the disease to keep going one pedal at a time. He started the 3,000-mile haul April 1 in San Diego.
Chris Draft
UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center is one of more than 30 cancer centers Draft has toured, meeting with lung cancer specialists, including Scott Lippman, MD, Director of Moores Cancer Center.
Brain Cancer Patient
UC San Diego Health System is now one of only 15 sites in the world offering a new treatment for a deadly form of brain cancer.
Amber Rukaj
May is recognized as Perinatal Depression Awareness Month, and national studies estimate one in five women suffer from postpartum depression. Many women enter pregnancy with an expectation of what the birthing experience might be like.
Mothers Day
Nurse is a family affair for nurse Rebecca Dodd-Sullivan. She volunteers with her mother Barbara Dodd, 73, and her daughter Sydney.
Orange Juice
Should the public believe their health and longevity will improve if functional foods are consumed? The answer is not so simple-maybe.
Ben Horne
Three years ago, Ben Horne never thought he would step foot on a mountain again after shattering his elbow during a long distance bike ride.