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Clinical Ladder Advancement

UC San Diego’s Clinical Nursing Ladder is a reclassification process that allows nurses to advance professionally and receive compensation for their professional achievements.

Clinical Nurse I CN I First Six Months of Employment (Probationary Period)
Clinical Nurse II CN II Post Probationary Period
Clinical Nurse III CN III Successful Completion of CNII-CNIII Project
Clinical Nurse IV CN IV Successful Completion of CNIII-CNIV Project

UC San Diego Nursing Professional Practice Model

The use of the starfish represents our model's five elements. A starfish communicates through its arms and coordinates movement to be successful in its environment. Like the starfish, our professional practice model uses the interaction of our five elements to achieve quality patient family-centered care.

Nursing Professional Practice Model

References: Brafman, O., & Backman, R. (2006). The starfish and the spider: The unstoppable power of leaderless organizations (p. 35). London, England: Penguin Books LTD. Hoffart, N., & Woods, C.Q. Elements of a nursing professional practice model. Journal of professional nursing, 12 (6), 354-356.