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Fetal Kick Count Instructions and Handout

Video: Dr. Moore Explains Fetal Kick Counting

Thomas Moore, MD, chairman of the Department of Reproductive Medicine at UC San Diego Health System, talks about the importance of counting fetal kicks and the method that has been shown to decrease stillbirths.  

Why Is It Important to Count Kicks?

Fetal kick counting can help identify any potential problems that may be causing a baby to slow down its movements. UC San Diego uses a method based on the fact that babies are more active at night and often asleep during the day. A study performed after UC San Diego implemented the method showed a marked reduction in the stillbirth rate over the year before, and UC San Diego Health System continues to have one of the lowest stillbirth rates in California.

For instructions and a card to record your baby's movements, download a kick count card:

Kick Count Cards

Download and print PDFs:

Labor & Delivery

Call 619-543-6600 if you don't feel 10 movements within an hour.