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Wound Skin Updates

New Wound and Skin Changes at UC San Diego Health System

Skin is the largest organ of the human body. UC San Diego Health System now has in place a standardized skin and wound policy and procedure. It will be the responsibility of every nurse on staff to be signed off on the competency that will help each nurse to review and understand the new policy and procedure.

Remember that:

  • Prevention is the key to avoid wounds.
  • UC San Diego Health System has many items, surfaces and devices available to help us to care for our patients.
  • Frequent turning and attention to high-risk patients will help us to meet community standards.
  • Photos need to be taken at a minimum of once a week, and placed on the new photo documentation form.

THINK 18: If your patient’s Braden score is 18, then place patient on at-risk precautions.

Please review your unit’s wound and skin manual and watch for updates here.


New Classification of Skin Injury - Deep Tissue Injury